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Two-Year-Old Classroom

Ratio 2:8 (teachers:children)

Exploration! Exploration! Exploration! Two- year-old children are learning as they explore the world around them- that includes people, things, and animals!

In the Twos Room, we plan developmentally appropriate activities around monthly themes to encourage exploration to assist children in becoming independent to provide opportunities to develop social skills and to encourage language development. 

Socially, Twos are beginning to learn to play cooperatively, share, take turns, and show self-control. Physically, our daily outdoor time gives children the opportunity to develop their large motor functions. Emotionally, our teachers model God's love as they nurture, and language development is fostered at circle time as they enjoy books, rhymes, Bible stories and sing songs. Before snack, they pray and thank God for friends and food.

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Three-Year-Old Classroom

Ratio 2:10/2:12 (teachers:children)

Children in this classroom are ready for more structured activities as their attention span and needs are increasing.  

At Circle Time, books and Bible stories are read; they explore music and movement, discuss the weather, and plan for their day. Snack time, toileting (3s should be toilet trained), and outside time are part of the daily routine. Lessons are planned according to the monthly themes.

Developmentally appropriate activities encourage language and cognitive development as well as continue to support the growth of social skills. Children are curious about letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They also enjoy experimenting with beginning science, technology, and engineering concepts through play. Fine motor muscles (for future pencil and scissor grasp) are developed through many games and activities. 

Four-Year-Old Classroom

Ratio 2:12 or 2:14 (teachers: children)

In this classroom, more attention is given to preparing the children for kindergarten with a play-based approach that is developmentally appropriate and geared for all areas of kindergarten readiness. We continue to structure the day with whole group activities and center time (art, sensory, writing, dramatic play, manipulatives, science, blocks, and building) snack, and outside playtime.

Socially, children are encouraged to work and play cooperatively with others while using positive conflict resolution skills. Emotionally, children are invited to build their independence by following multi-step directions and identify and manage their feelings. 

For language and cognitive growth, children are immersed in books, oral and written language, and number and writing activities in whole group center-time. 

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Kindergarten Classroom

Ratio 2:12 (teachers: children)


Our philosophy that children need a developmentally appropriate and stimulating environment to feel loved and secure, gain confidence, and learn in all areas is continued in kindergarten. Spiritual growth is encouraged through Bible stories, Chapel Time, and prayer. Cognitive goals are in alignment with the Virginia Beach City Schools and Virginia SOLs. Concepts in math, language, science, and social studies are consistent with Virginia Beach City Schools.

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