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Kids of Grace Enrollment for 2022-2023 

Priority Enrollment in January provides an opportunity for church members, current KOG students and siblings, and alumni to register before enrollment in open to the community.  

Wednesday January 19th & Thursday, January 20th – registration sheets will be sent home with current students.  If you need extra registration sheets, stop by the office.  You will need a registration sheet for each child.  One registration fee check may be written for siblings.

January 28th – deadline for priority enrollment- Registration form and fee are due by 1:00 pm.  Kids of Grace Committee will look at all registration requests turned in and assign children to class rosters.

  • 1st priority- currently enrolled students and GCPCPA Members, KOG and GCPCPA staff

  • 2nd priority- sibling of currently enrolled students

  • 3rd priority- alumni

February 8th - Community Enrollment will be online.


Please be sure that you have filled out the registration sheet accurately with 1st and 2nd or 3rd choice if applicable.  If you do not indicate preference, a class will automatically be assigned.